How Should We Build in the Coastal South – What Can We Learn From Florida?


I found that the damage done when Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina hit Texas and Louisiana. This was beyond belief.

I dwelt throughout the damage caused by Miami from Hurricane Andrew in 1991. I used to be from the devastated areas daily after the hurricane. The location, that encompassed the majority of the southern part of miami dade County, seemed just like hundreds of bombs had been fallen from b52’s flying overhead. You will find houses without most of the instant floors, some times three walls have been gone and just a single wall to the second floor had been abandoned standing. There were gaps within the roofing sheathing. The windows or exterior doors were blown off out. Sometimes there is hurt from flooding, in the event your house had been close the sea. Some are as were just a heap of rubble. The prior houses ended up unrecognizable!

However, we Florida heard many lessons from Andrew. A fresh code has been designed, ” the Florida Building Code Miami residential architects.

Nevertheless, the rest of the coastal South have never heard anything in Hurricane Andrew and sometimes maybe in Tropical Storm Sandy.

Many years ago I lived in Georgia and went to school. I had my very first project in design at Macon, Georgia, where I had gone to senior high school. So I worked buildings and houses which were assembled with timber framing, sometimes ended in timber siding, but more commonly finished using brick. This is often called”stick construction”. The majority of the usa builds its own residential home and several industrial buildings inside rod construction. What exactly is wrong with this type of structure?

Very well, wooden is simply not strong enough, in my own estimation, to sustain storm winds. There are people who assert that timber can be developed to maintain hurricane winds. Maybe. I, however, wouldn’t desire to be in a timber frame residence during a hurricane. Wood should be perfectly attached to another timber piece or into some steel strap, either joist hanger, or some other type of steel connector. Who can guarantee that every connection is ideal? Wood to wood links using just nails are prohibited in South Florida. No more toe-nailing allowed without alloy . Where wood trusses are connected to a concrete tie-beam, the timber trusses have to be attached with metal straps. Consequently, the straps have been embedded from the concrete beam.

What should be preferred arrangement for coastal states? What can Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama, the southern nations all likely to hurricanes, determine from Florida?

To begin with, wood construction should be lost in all of these nations, especially those are as near the water. Wood construction needs to be replaced using concrete block and also solid concrete structure. That is not any purpose FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) need to allow this type of construction. In case of flood from hurricane activity, the timber walls would likely need to be mended. Why should FEMA pay for this? Additionally, timber brings termites that concrete block will perhaps not.

Alternatively of wood houses should be developed out of concrete block. Exactly why does cement block and concrete work better than just wood? Concrete has been poured and fortified with metal. This makes the construction very solid. Since concrete is really a liquid once poured, it fills the voids from the block and becomes one using all the block. Concrete block structure comprises reinforced and grouted cells at all corners, or alternatively, you will find definite tie-columns.

Back in South Florida towards the peak of walls enclosing the perimeter of the home, there is a concrete tie-beam. This tie-beam is also fortified using steel, then poured set up, and connected to the vertical metal arriving out at exactly the corners. Note that this vertical steel comes all of the way in the base for the tie-beam, which makes the partitions extremely solid and hard to go.

The Florida Building Code necessitates in real block construction that in every single side of the window, so in the window jambs, you will find steel-reinforced along with grouted cells where the window has been connected. Additionally, those dividers have to be analyzed in a licensed laboratory to prove that, when properly attached with the recommended attachments by the manufacturer, the chimney will remain set up during hurricane requirements. In practically all luxury home structure, the windows will probably be installed using impact-resistant glass. This glass is so therefore hard that it is not easy to crack even with a hammer.