PCB Repair Tools and Techniques


When physical damage normally in the form of scraped traces or hide, broken corners, either lifted chipped or pads plated through openings pops up, the printed circuit board has to be emotionally repaired. If allowed or desired by the customer these repairs require the appropriate PCB repair gear and techniques. The techniques need to be performed by those skilled in the art with experience in such repairs. Specific PCB repair tools developed to produce repair technician’s jobs easier and faster.

There are numerous methods, a lot of which were developed by the military, for use in the repair of printed circuit boards. These techniques have been constructed and are increasingly being managed by the worldwide trade organization the IPC. The IPC procedures for repair will be spelled out in IPC-7721″The repair of printed wiring boards”. This technical”how to” manual explains in detail the repair approach, the various tools required, the degree of skill required-good, best and better – for each of these repair processes. PCB fabrication repair techniques in this document go all of the way from the re-plating of golden hands to counter mask repair to fix laminate harm. The specifications call for customer participation when a physical substitute as outlined at the repair manual is necessary. The approaches for repair have been broken down within this specification into beginner, professional and advanced PCB repair technician degrees. In some cases, there may up to 4 different approved repair methods set out inside the IPC-7721, all of which will find the board back to a functioning PCB.

Along with the”how to” instructions found at the IPC-7721″The Repair of Printed Wiring Boards”, the manual also points into the tools required to completed the suggest repair. Every one of these repair procedures found in the PCB repair tools and processes manual notifies an individual of not just the repair methods but also the PCB repair applications. In most cases, they have been rather generic tools that may be procured from various sources. The photographs in the standard behind the documentation of the specification might incorporate a particular vendor of this tool in some cases, that the”how to” section shows a generic sketch of the tool being used. For several procedures, very special tools from very special vendors are shown or so are referred to at the task being discussed.

As an example, one of those procedures found from the IPC-7721 describing PCB repairs tools and processes,”Repair of Printed Wiring Boards” could be your PCB pad replacement procedure. Then in each of those methods, special substances specific to this method-namely adhesive, circuit eyeglasses, and glue film are spelled out in the detailing of each procedure. Each of this procedure steps is enumerated in more detail so the PCB repair process steps and the substances can be used to finish the repair.